Penelope, Bambi, and Conga

Penelope (Pea), Bambi and Conga are all Animal Alliance rescues. All three Chihuahuas represent Animal Alliance at local street fairs where they have a little "kissing booth". They work very hard to raise donations to help their other Animal Alliance friends. And their big sister Suzy, a rescued Corgi mix, looks after them all.  Their personal stories are featured below and are all dressed in their custom fashion wear by Pawsitively the Best Designs.  Contact us for details on how your dog can have their own personally designed wardrobe for special occasions, or to address "special needs".


Penelope in her favorite "Royal Stuff" dress

Penelope is wearing her "Cowgirl" outfit

Penelope was rescued weighing 1.1 lbs and was full grown. She went into hypoglycemic shock two times and we thought we had lost her.  After several weeks of being fed every two hours around the clock she was back in good health. She is now bulked up to a whole 2.8 lbs. 


Conga is sporting her custom formal wear


Conga was born without front legs, though she does have a little stump that she uses quite a bit. She walks or hops on her rear legs, and has very strong ads!


Bambi is decked out in lace

Bambi in her poodle skirt

Bambi was rescued with 4 badly malformed legs.  Unfortunately her original owners did not get proper vet care and it is too late to correct the problem. However, she is being treated homeopathically and is getting stronger and stronger. She also weighs 2.8 lbs.


Suzy with her three best friends in their custom coats